Doctor Carey Reams

CS + 1.5 + 6.4/6.4 + 6-7C + .04m + 3/3 = PH


“Dr. Reams realized that the soil was everything, just like Pasteur said on his dead bed: “The soil is everything, the germ is nothing”. He discovered that all the variables of the human soil can be determined from a persons urine plus saliva. His test consisted of 7 parameters (optimal values in between the brackets). Sugar brix (1.5); Urine pH (6.4); Saliva pH (6.4); Conductivity (7); Cell Debris (1); Nitrate Nitrogen (3); Ammonia Nitrogen (3). It was accomplished by using laboratory instruments and techniques normally used for agricultural testing. Using these figures, he could tell the person exactly what’s his condition, exactly where a tumor is forming, and he could predict when a person might get a heart attack. Dr. Reams started a Health Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. People seeking wellness would come to this retreat for several weeks and be given a diet to suit their body chemistry. Many of them left feeling better than they had felt in years. It was quite amazing. His success with treating terminal cancer patients, abandoned by the regular medicine to die in peace, was astounding. He had a 99,94% success rate.”

Dr. Carey Reams was a mathematical genius, chemical engineer for the dep. of US agriculture, and close friend with Albert Einstein. He lived a controversial life, healing people with “irreversible” conditions and in and out of Court Battles with the AMA and the FDA. He was mysteriously poisoned in Prison. We owe a great deal to Carey Reams for outwitting Germ Theory

(The theory that disease is caused by germs)

……. with Biologic Terrain Theory (Biologic Ionization Theory)

(the observation that weakened tissues lead to infection which then lead into the symptoms of disease)

This is the model most Holistic Practitioner and integrative physicians use today.

Reams was equally impressive in keeping plants, livestock and human beings alive. He could measure Sugar levels, PH, Salt Content, Eliminative function, and Protein Metabolism functions, to display a precise image of health.  Dr. Carey Reams could reveal an incredible amount of information about person from looking at their numbers. Using math alone he could determined which “diseases” a person had had, what parts of their body were chronically aching, intimate details concerning function of the body and it’s superficial appearance, even what single point on the body might be highly sensitive to the touch at that time. He determined these things by inserting their numbers in a series of complex algorithms. Ream’s was often quoted to say “Why guess, when you can be sure.”



Lets look at the full equation: CS+1.5 + 6.4/6.4 + 6-7C + .04m + 3/3 = PH (Perfect Health)

In very simple terms, the last two numbers (3/3) signify protein going in and protein going out.  This is protein metabolism or how well proteins are used.  Lets use a little common sense.  If one’s protein metabolism was off balance, as 9/4, is it possible one might be getting more protein than their digestion can handle or not enough fiber in the diet?  Indeed, people with these numbers are usually overeating or poorly hydrated.  Now lets say this same person had a sugar level of 5, not 1.5.  That would illustrate that such an individual is not getting enough oxygen and/or has a diet too high in sugar.  Remember, the body uses sugar and oxygen to create energy or ATP.  The process is called glycolysis.

This is a wikipedia view on Glycolysis: Glycolysis literally means “splitting sugars.” In glycolysis, glucose (a six carbon sugar) is split into two molecules of a three-carbon sugar. Glycolysis yields two molecules of ATP (free energy containing molecule), two molecules of pyruvic acid and two “high energy” electron carrying molecules of NADH. Glycolysis can occur with or without oxygen. In the presence of oxygen, glycolysis is the first stage of cellular respiration. Without oxygen, glycolysis allows cells to make small amounts of ATP. This process is called fermentation.

Common sense would indicate that this person is eating too much sugar and as a result suffers from poor digestion.  If I were to meet this person, I would ask them how they ate, slept, etc…….. That is where CS fits into the equation.  CS stands for “Common Sense”.  However, lets assume that this person is on a Standard American Diet.

An individual on the Standard American Diet might  have numbers like this:


I would expect fermentation in the bowel and in the brain, from poor glycolysis (Note: It has been theorized that fermentation in the brain and bowel is the cause of all disease).  I would expect this person is a dehydrated heavy meat eater because his mineral conductivity (20) is too high or too polarized.  Looking at the conductivity reading of 20, I would be very comfortable asserting that this person does not sleep deeply enough.  There might be a chance they have a “twitchy leg” or something of the like.  That is a signal for too much electrical current running through the body.  In other words, an over abundance of certain minerals.

This American’s ph is very acidic.  With both an acid ph with high sugars, there is a great chance this person is gaining weight and feeling sluggish, because fermentation can only occur in an acidic environment.  Specifically, this person may have more fat in the belly button area than the upper abdomen, or liver area.  Many Americans have this problem.

If this were the case, I would be comfortable saying that much of the strain in this persons body will be located somewhere in the intestines and causing poor circulation in the legs.  With a high sugar reading, circulation is drastically worsened.  They might be balding or impotent and not wiling to exercise.  I might ask this person if they had problems with bowel movements, if they crave foods with Vitamin C, if they eat too much cooked animal proteins etc.  What would I recommend for the standard overweight acidified, sugary, fermented American?

I would recommend drinking distilled water to flush out their excess of toxins and minerals.  In the morning I would recommend they drink a blood sugar balancing, dark leafy green protein smoothie  (with no fruit and very little sweetener).  I would recommend they sit in an infrared Sauna and drink blended spinach with coconut water for potassium.  I would recommend they use castor oil on their belly fat…  I would suggest they begin using rose hips and parsley to supplement vitamin C, especially after their sugar addiction was under control.  (Vitamin C does not absorb well when the sugar balance in the body is thrown off.  That is a little known fact.  It is also the reason why were are told to consume such large quantities of it by the mainstream science and medicine.)

I would not  tell this person that they should be eating more fruit, or more bananas for potassium.  Bananas have an enormous amount of sugar which this person does not need.  It could even slow down their progress.  In this particular case I would recommend a special two week, high alkaline 40% raw vegan diet for balancing.  Then, I would recommend they switch things up for their body in the long term.  Of course, I would suggest they consider what it is they are craving and to use judgement with the process, the body knows what it want and it never lies.  However, the brain can lie all day.  Conquering food addictions is very important for the  Standard American on the Standard American Diet.  The best thing they could do to maintain their health after healing would be to acquaint themselves with healthy choices and learn to listen to their natural cravings i.e. the biological language of the organism.  Once again, this is a hypothetical case only.  I would have to meet with a person to make a completely accurate assessment.

Though it may sound complex… For newcomers it is ideally simplified. Reams testing is a way to determine what your body needs on a grand food/chemical/energy platform. We don’t recommend supplements often but we do recommended hydration, diet changes, exercise, hygiene, sleep, deep breathing and other health multipliers.



As I mentioned, people who exemplify a truly clean bill of health, people who hardly have any illness to speak of, people who are in top Olympic form, even Healthy new born babies all have Perfect numbers in the REAMS equation of Health… all fitting into a state of quintessential physical homeostasis. That state of balance, encoded in our very genes, is the greater prerogative of the body. It is what our body does.  It is what our body’s desire when they blindly crave foods…  To be balanced and ordered in oneself might be the root of all desire.

You may be following a very strict diet or way of life which claims it can keep you healthy?  Has anybody offered you the individual proof? Do you know what is right for YOUR body?  What does your body desire?  Bring your urine and saliva to the Phoenix Institute and we will assess your health, the REAMS TEST way.

Dr. Reams transferred his understanding of biochemistry to plants and live stock as well.  In his home town, he was known for growing  a single gigantic watermelon which won the state fair for three years in a row… This watermelon never decayed because it’s tissues were strong. It was grown totally organically in calcium enriched PH Balanced water and soil. His famous watermelon never decayed.  It did dehydrate.


      I was overwhelmed when I took my first REAMS testing course.  After measuring my numbers correctly, my professor read me just like a book. He reviewed my PH, Sugar, Mineral Conductivity, Cellular Debri, and Protein Metabolism numbers and in casual conversation told me the diet I was living on, the amount of water I was probably drinking, and what sort of problems I may expect or have already experienced.  I was an over alkaline, poorly hydrated, low mineral conductivity person that eliminated waste too rapidly and had been processing proteins poorly.  A standard long term raw vegan.  As a result I suffered memory loss, fatigue, lines on my forehead, constipation, and this had been very pronounced.  I was living primarily on a raw vegan diet AND drinking high alkaline water.  My ph was not too acidic, it was too alkaline.  He then offered simple educated suggestions to me.  I remember he said, “I’m not preaching that you should or shouldn’t eat an animal, but you do need to be more creative with your protein sources”

He recommended more seeds, beans, and hemp in my diet.  That was when I was a Raw Vegan.

At the time I realized if I continued my present lifestyle, I might get worse.  I understood that everything operates on a genetic code of balance.  My professor told me that I was craving sugars because I lacked the ability to metabolize proteins properly.  He told me I had perfect PH levels (Thanks God) and he asked me why?  I told him I had been a very recently been supplementing with trace minerals and ate plenty of sea vegetables.  He said “Oh, thats great”… This was the only positive comment to me and I thought I was the professional….


Years later, I learned that the Reams equation was a very accurate way to determine many other things in the physical body.  Just like our body temperature, blood hemoglobin or weight, all things operate on microscopic and macroscopic levels of balance within the body.  The Reams equation is the only system I know of that determines the chemical balance of many microscopic elements and weaves them seamlessly upon a macroscopic level.  Furthermore, it is the only system in alternative medicine which allows you to check on yourself, find out what is really wrong in the lifestyle, and then collecting different ways to fix it.  There are many ways to fix one problem, I realized.  For an over alkaline person, one can exercise, drink fresh cranberry juice, and blend sprouted buckwheat groats and walnuts.  One does not need to go back into the Standard American Diet Box, Collect wild berrys, or live from the hand that feeds them.  Nature has provided us with so many more options!  It is not the REAMS DIET.  It’s a REAMS TEST.  What a difference this makes in today’s confused diet crazed world.




I don’t know if REAMS testing is a perfect science, but I do believe it comes closer than anything else.  The day I meet someone who is sick that displays a perfect set of numbers is the same day I END my REAMS testing… that day seems long in coming.  However, I’m very glad I have that kind of security in my work.

By observing the supported biology through an individuals numbers, it is easy for me to name previous conditions or illnesses which individuals may have had.  I have done this before and I will continue to do this.  REAMS testing makes it simple for me.

Like any pioneering science,  the work of Carey Reams and Charles Walters has opened new doors with new questions for which modern science must explain.  Biologic Ionization is the science of the future, I am sure of it.  I am very happy to have read “Choose life or death” by Carey Reams and “Biologic Ionization” by Alexander Beddoe.  I recommend these.  I also recommend “Sea Energy Agriculture” by Dr. Maynard Murray and “Hydrogen Peroxide” or “Into the Light” by William Cambell Douglass II, MD.  The future already exists.

Reams testing and assessments might be complex, however the results are simple and easy to understand.

For practitioners, REAMS Testing allows for much more freedom, not more restrictions.  I have worked with people who maintained their Raw vegan, vegetarian, meat eating diets, and have seen them get well.  Many of those people were introduced to the value of soups in the diet, green protein smoothies, smaller meals, distilled water, and deep conscious breathing exercises, Vitamin C, and Liquid Chlorophyll.  I believe it’s never what you do, but how it’s done.











3 thoughts on “The Reams Equation of Perfect Health”

  1. Great article, I think this is something I would like to incorporate into my practice. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope all is well with you my friend.

  2. Regarding Dr. Reams Biologic theory and the Germ Theory, the difference between the two theories is immense.
    According to Germ theory, ill health comes from an external attack of a powerless victim. According to Biologic theory, disease is an inside job – the result of an imbalance of body chemistry.
    Germ theory gives power to germs; The Biologic theory gives power to the individual maintaining his or her health.
    I can’t wait to have a Reams test! Food work, Phoenix!

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